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Commercial Craft Propulsion Solutions

ZF Marine’s commercial craft propulsion systems for both workboat and fast craft includes transmissions, commercial thrusters, propellers, shafts and control systems for applications such as tugboat, inland river tow, passenger ferry, commercial fishing, patrol boats and other related work vessels. Our high-performance integrated propulsion packages offer the control, reliability, and operating speed you require for your specific commercial craft needs. Our experience working with engine manufacturers, naval architects and ship builders gives us unparalleled knowledge in propulsion systems. ZF Marine’s team of sales engineering specialists review your specific vessel design or profile, so that the result is a customized turnkey solution optimized to meet your propulsion needs.

  • Full integration of the complete propulsion system installation
  • Exact definition of all interfaces in the driveline, control and monitoring systems
  • Reduced time and cost by working with your naval architect and/or shipyard
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to “single service” responsibility

ZF continues to invest in the commercial / fast craft market.

Our 30,000-sq. ft. facility in Elmwood, LA (just outside New Orleans) is another example of ZF’s serious commitment to providing best-in-class products and service for the diverse propulsion needs of our commercial craft customers. Think of it as your return on our investment.

ZF continues to invest in the commercial / fast craft market.Just some of the key benefits it offers:

  • Vast experience and knowledge of our onsite team
  • Expertise in compliance, especially Subchapter M requirements
  • Repair & Overhaul infrastructure, with 360° product inspections
  • Training rooms for ZF customers and partners
  • Comprehensive after-sale support, including our Lifecycle Maintenance Program
  • Our processes are ISO 9000/14000 Certified

Learn more about our Elmwood / New Orleans location by watching the video below and then calling us at 504.443.0501. We are ready to help!

ZF Marine’s Elmwood / New Orleans, LA Facility
Get to know ZF’s Marc Kloor
Get to know ZF’s Susan Mortgu

Atlantic Wind Transfers: wind farm service vessel from Blount Boats

The first American wind farm service vessel, the Atlantic Pioneer, built in Rhode Island by Blount Boats and operated by Rhode Island Fast Ferry’s Atlantic Wind Transfers subsidiary, carries service crews to and from the first U.S. offshore commercial wind development, the five-turbine Block Island Wind Farm. The farm generates 30MW to power homes and businesses on Block Island, and its electricity will also flow to the mainland via an underwater power cable.

ZF Marine is proud to have our gearboxes on America’s first US Flagged Offshore Wind Farm Service Vessel.

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