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We are dedicated to the Commercial Marine industry in North America.

Our 30,000-sq. ft. facility in Elmwood, LA is another example of ZF’s serious commitment to the commercial marine industry.

Obtaining ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certifications for this Center of Competence, further ensuring the best-in-class quality of our Genuine ZF Systems, and employing vastly experienced naval architects and engineers onsite, are just a few ways that we are proving our long-term commitment to serve our commercial marine customers. Our product coverage at this Center of Competence includes commercial thrusters (including legacy HRP products), fixed-pitch propellers, shift controls and electronic systems, and heavy-duty and hybrid-ready transmissions. Customer-centric initiatives, such as our Lifecycle Maintenance Program or consultation on the latest Subchapter M requirements, are a primary focus of importance for everyone here at our Elmwood facility.

Superior-performing product. Problem-solving people. A true partnership with Southern Towing.

Ed Grimm, CEO of Southern Towing: “The Z-Drive thruster is a wonderful application for the inland business. In river segments where tow size is restricted – locks, locking systems, or canal – it has a big advantage over conventional propulsion. Nothing maneuvers a tow in or out of a dock as well as Z-Drive. With less fuel consumption, shorter stopping distance, increased margin of safety – an improved efficiency in propulsion. We see these advantages, backed by ZF’s personal service and support, which is appreciated in our business. ZF is a real partner, it’s their people who make all the difference. They’re always a phone call away, they meet and listen to my team, and they work together with us. From this relationship, we’ve been able to achieve 100% uptime with our entire thruster-equipped fleet.”

ZF’s Partnership with Southern Towing Company

To learn more read Ed Grimm’s recent interview with Maritime Reporter, available on MarineLink.com.

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