Why Repower?

Age of Boat and Propulsion System

• Every mechanical component has a lifespan. How often have your engines been serviced? Is the warranty still effective?

Recent Mechanical Failure

• Instead of fixing the failure and hoping it adds life to the engines, a total replacement of the engines may be a better, more economical long-term solution.

Changing Boating Style or Performance Goals

• A desire for an increase or a decrease in top speed, maneuverability, or overall performance might drive the switch to a new propulsion set-up.

Change in Ownership

• When acquiring a used boat, there are several questions about the integrity of the engines. A repower will ease any concerns about previous use and optimize the performance of the boat for you.

Improve Reliability

• All mechanical components have a lifespan, and with an increase in product age comes an increase in the chances for failure. If reliability is your top priority in choosing a propulsion system, a repower might be a great solution.

Increased Value for Potential Resale

• Newer reliable engines cost more but will also add value when it comes to a potential resale of your vessel.

New Modern Technology

• With new marine propulsion technology being developed every day, modern engines are becoming faster, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and overall better performers. An upgrade to modern technology may provide vessel performance you never imagined.

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